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Getting started with GRC: Helping organizations plan for a successful GRC program

When you deploy a GRC solution, you have a chance to evolve your processes, and mature your organization’s culture and approach to risk management. Each chapter in this eBook explores a concept that we’ve seen to be critical to the success of any GRC deployment, whether you already have a GRC tool in place or you’re starting from scratch.

About the author

Kirk Hogan is responsible for overseeing the delivery, services, strategy and implementation for Iceberg’s core offerings. He has developed Iceberg’s Centre of Excellence methodologies and Risk Intelligence Academy used to elevate the value of Iceberg services and partner organizations alike. Kirk is also an in-house expert providing risk management consulting with our valued customers, where he plays an active role in developing IT security architecture for Iceberg enterprise clients and leads facilitator of our visioning and alignment workshops — helping some of the largest financial institutions in North America. With more than 25 years of demonstrated experience in the information technology and security industry, Kirk is regarded as an industry expert and frequently speaks at leading security and risk events across North America.

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