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Operational Resilience: Digital Transformation, the Pandemic and Survival

It has taken a pandemic to remind us that risks too can undergo transformation. They change shape, arrive on new hosts and manifest in unexpected ways. The pandemic has opened our eyes to the breadth and depth of the possibilities that operational resilience programs must cover. Businesses must be aware and prepared to meet the new challenges. This paper offers insights and guidance for the journey toward a new operational resilience.

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Iceberg Networks plans, deploys and manages successful programs for Integrated Risk Management (IRM). By providing trusted, aggregated and transparent risk intelligence, Iceberg enables both private and public sector organizations the ability make confident and more effective business decisions.

Icebergs’ team of experienced management consultants, subject matter experts and software developers offer a full lifecycle of IRM related professional services including, executive management workshops, strategy sessions, implementation & integration and support services.


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